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Dark Side

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Dark Side
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Biturbo in Saronno (IT)

October 1998, Bruxelles (B) - Car went dead on highway

bulletTwo fuses collapsed after an emergency stop on most-left lane. After exchanging them, car Click to hear a disappointing sound... (120 kB) would not start. Towed for a few meters by an old Renault, then everything OK. Traffic jam wasn't caused by me, was already there :-) Promised myself, and the car, to have a new fuse box fitted.

(Sorry, no time here to take pictures.)

June 1997, Cagliari (I) - Airco maintenance

35 degrees Celsius, airco almost non-operational. This is what  you call a contemporary disaster! A Maserati-dealer (with Citroen-sign from the 70's!) checks the airco system and refills airco liquid upto specs.


May 1997, Ferrara (I) - Coolant overflow due to overheating

Arriving at our destination, coolant finds it way out of the system. Got new thermocontact the next day at the Maserati dealer in a town nearby (yeah that's Italy!). Great tip: when fans don't kick in, press the  Airco button!

FerraraCampingBiturbo.jpg (9118 bytes)

1999, 1998, 1997, 1996 - that horrible mileage

Economy is desastrous... Worst 1:6.5 during normal use. Best - 1:8.4 on easy trip from Amsterdam to Milan via German Autobahn.

FerraraShellBiturbo.jpg (8088 bytes) TankReceipts.gif (63077 bytes)


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