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Here's a list of most maintenance work.

Considering maintenance and depreciation, I usually try to run a used, "normal" car for 1800 euro a year (30.000 kms), and a "special" car for 2500 euro (15.000 kms). And yes even a Biturbo can be owned for this sum, however one new set of turbo's would eat up a whole years's budget and more :-(

1 euro = US$ 1.1

It should look like this after a long voyage


Kms   Cost in euro


105500 New oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs, spark plug cables, fuel filters (near pump and near carb). Ignition and carb adjusted extensively. Compression check. Now starting as the best car in the world. 1200


97300 Nieuwe pulsgever, nieuwe stuurhuishoes, rear brake discs cleaned, hand-brake adjusted, new brake-shoes 550
96700 New spark plug cables 100


96300 New thermostat 90
94200 New distribution belt, new oil, new oil filter, nieuw thermostaathuis, new coolant, new rotor 400
90900 Maintenance air conditioning 170
87600 New air filter, oil, oil filter, spark plugs, turbo tube, clutch, gas damper bonnet 1200
84800 New thermocontact 30
83400 New tires Pirelli P5000 Vizzola 400


77000 New mounting bearing, spark plugs, oil filter, air filter, oil 700
75800 Purchase  


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