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Thanx for visiting Brooy's Biturbo pages.

Now you decided to leave, here are some last-minute issues and some tips for entertainment elsewhere. But don't surf the web for too long and don't read an overdosis books... Jump into your Bi (or buy one), grab your check book (forget the change), and have fun!

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Road & Track on Maserati 1975-1983
Brooklands Books, ISBN 0940489092

Maserati 1980s cars
by Trevor Alder, Transport Source Books, ISBN 858473748

Maserati, Geschichte, Technik, Typen, Sport
by Jürgen Lewandowski, Motor Buch Verlag, ISBN 3879438943

Maserati Heritage
by David Sparrow and Iain Ayre, Osprey, ISBN 1855324415


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Biturbo's et alii: Einar's Modern Maserati Pages

Everything you'd like to see, smell or buy, or not: MaseratiNet

THE Directory: Maserati Resource Centre

Saloons: Biturbo Central


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